Most Expensive Handbags Brands

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Handbags complete the whole of ladies that is why mostly ladies use matching bags with their dresses to look more beautiful. There are many brands in the globe which are making purses for the woman among which some of them are very expensive and luxurious, but some are very cheap as well which are affordable for everyone.
The handbags of all famous brands are very expensive among those some are also listed as the most expensive bags for Forbes list and Guinness world records. These most expensive bag brands are continuously introducing latest designs of bags to attract bag lover in the world.

List of Most Expensive Handbag Brands in the World:

- Louis Vuitton

- Prada

- Hermes

- Mouawad


- Chanel

- Fendi

- Marc Jacobs

- Judith Leiber

- Lana Marks

- Hilde Palladino

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