DIY Christmas Nail Art


Classy and easy Christmas Nail Art Designs

Christmas is all about decorating your house, cleaning it and decorating Christmas tree. But decorating yourself and looking  beautiful is also one of the main things on Christmas. It comes once a year so why to celebrate it normally. Just go for a cool, funky and classy nail art that goes with your dress or with contrast to your dress.
Style your nails with unique and cool ideas of nail art designs. Here are some of the easy, beautiful and cute DIYs to make your nails look beautiful.

We all know Christmas means red and green color. But there are many other options that can go for Christmas nail arts.
 You can go for a blue color with a white snowman that looks totally cool.
Orange and pink combo is always beautiful. It looks simple and classy.
Black is smart. Go for a black color with golden and silver snowflakes.

Unique Christmas Tree Decoration

Christmas Tree decoration is very important as you can impress Santa by decorating Christmas Tree nicely and beautifully. Christmas lights, balls, and garland can be used to decorate it. Christians uses tree as a sign of everlasting life with God. There are different ways by which Christmas Tree can be decorated.
Here are some of the unique ideas to decorate Christmas Tree.

Tricks for Recycling old Sweaters




Fed up of old sweaters?

No need to worry. Solution is here.


You can just turn your old sweaters into some useful stuff for winters. Here are some of the easy steps. Follow these simple DIY steps to create some useful and good stuff for yourselves or for family members.

Who is Santa Claus ?

St. Nicholas was a Bishop of Myra who was born in early 3rd century. It is said that his wealthy parents died when he was young. He was follower of Jesus and obeying Jesus words "sell what you own and give the money to the poor," he used all his property and wealth to assist the needy, sick and poor people.
One of the best known stories of St. Nicholas was that he saved 3 poor sisters from being sold into slavery or prostitution. He provided them with the dowry so that they could be married.

Christmas Wreath DIY

DIY Christmas Wreath  


As you all know Christmas season has began. Everyone is now ready to decorate their homes. One of the major items in decorating the house for Christmas is  decorating it with a wreath and the best idea is to make it by yourself. What is best than decorating your house with the times that are made by you.

But do you know why wreath is used to decorate the house ?

Answer is hidden in its circular shape. The shape represents eternity means that it has no beginning and no end. It represents never ending circle of life.
Here are some of the creative ideas to make Christmas wreath at home. These are some of the easy steps.